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The Reliability Experts

Whertec is different because of an innovative, customized service.

The Whertec Difference in Industrial Process Equipment Inspection and Maintenance.

Whertec customers count on the reliability and superior performance of our people, our products and our services. Whether we provide services at your site or from our workshop, the commitment to excellence is the same.

You can rely on meticulous project planning, high tech protective coatings, engineering, OEM equipment, management and quality assurance, and quality control inspections. And you will get our best recommendations, options and the benefit of decades of experience every time we’re contracted on a project.

Experience, safety, quality and planning

Whertec brings five competitive advantages to every project
  • A proven track record for improving the reliability of customer process equipment.
  • Safety is a key part of our corporate culture. We’ve invested in safety resources and personnel who direct and implement training and reviews year-round.
  • Whertec is committed to quality and planning before we initiate service. Every project we do has a quality control plan, which includes our quality insurance inspectors, technicians and our customers. Every project has a QCP (quality control plan) warranty.
  • Superior performance of your industrial process equipment – boilers, pressurized vessels, tubes, tanks, and all the rest – is planned and implemented for every project. We engineer each project solution to meet or exceed customer requirements and performance specifications.
  • We are constantly acquiring and inventing new technologies, which are customized to each customer application. Whertec is a leader in the application and testing of metal, ceramic and cermet coatings and we are also certified to apply the Arcmelt™ family of materials. Our testing lab and inspectors work independently throughout the industry and are leaders in Whertec’s research and development efforts internationally.
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