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May 23, 2016

Queen Elizabeth Aircraft Carrier getting ready to set sail


Work on Queen Elizabeth, the Royal Navy’s biggest ship in history, is nearing completion according to this BBC report from 20 May. The thermal metal spray coating to be applied to 2,000 square metres of the 19,000 sqm main deck has been developed by the advanced Castolin Eutectic workshop in Newcastle, UK.

"Working with experts in the UK, we have developed a unique coating to provide the necessary protection to the flight deck of the aircraft carriers and this will ensure they can deliver the UK’s carrier strike capability for the next 50 years," explained Ian Booth, Managing Director of the Aircraft Carrier Alliance.

Captain Simon Petitt, Senior naval officer of HMS Queen Elizabeth, added: "The new flight deck coating is one of the many 21st century engineering innovations being incorporated in the Queen Elizabeth Class programme."

The special coating is designed to protect the deck from extreme weather, withstand temperatures up to 1,500°C (2,700°F) and pressure exhaust efflux from the new fighter jets, as well as ensure the correct coefficient of friction for the aircraft undercarriage. The need of protecting both the deck and equipment located in the catwalk is even stronger given the aircrafts’ vertical landing and low elevation while crossing the port side catwalk.

HMS Prince of Wales, where work is now well underway, will also be treated with the same Castolin Eutectic wear protection solution.

The two aircraft carriers, a project amounting to £6 billion, will not only be deployed in military operations but also in humanitarian aid and disaster relief.

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