XuperMIG 4004 DS

Welding machine for steel construction, repair and maintenance

XuperMIG is suitable for sheet metal fabrication, steel construction, repair and maintenance. XuperMIG feeds all types of wires : solid wires (alloy steel, mild steel and stainless), aluminium alloys, cored wires for joining and coating in a wide range of
diameters and for all applications and positions.
Dynamic control: The dynamic control feature let you choose the arc characteristic you prefer.
Synergic pre-selection: XuperMIG off ers welding programs for various material, wire and gas combinations. Depending on the choosen options, you can set diff erent programs in the wire feeder or in the compartment of the compact system.
Upgradability: It has never been easier to adjust a welding system to the constantly changing requirements in the welding industry and to add on welding processes, welding programs and system upgrades.
No-contact data transfer: The digital interface allows eff ortless access and management of your power source thanks to the Castolin Eutectic NFC cards. The card management utility assists you in controlling user access rights, allows you to read and write jobs and makes upgrading as easy as can be.

Technical data: 
Welding range MIG/MAG 30 – 400 A
Voltage setting infinitely variable
Duty cycle 10 min/40 °C 100% 300 A
Duty cycle 10 min/40 °C 60% 370 A
Duty cycle 10 min/40 °C max. current45%
weldable wires Steel (Ø in mm)0,6 – 1,6
weldable wires Aluminium (Ø in mm)1,0 – 1,6
weldable wires CuSi (Ø in mm)0,8 – 1,2
Mains voltage (± 15%) 3~400 V
Mains fuse 32 A
Protection class (EN 60529) IP23S
Designation CE, S
Power source dimensions LxBxH in mm 880 x 490 x 955
Weight 61 kg