RB 5280

Self-fluxing brazing alloy for the brazing of copper in all positions. Heat exchangers, T-butt tubing, electro-technical equipment.

RB 5280 is a Cu P Ag brazing alloy with 2% Ag, designed for joining Cu and Cu alloys. Ag content gives increased fluidity and better penetration of joints, Water/gas-tight sealing of joints.

Product form: bare alloy rod

Deposit colour: copper (after cleaning)

Industry Examples
  • Air conditioning & refrigeration: duct joints, valves, heat exchangers
  • Plumbing & central heating: gas, water & heating pipes, drains, household fittings
  • Electrical equipment: connections, rotors for motors and generators

For joining Cu and Cu alloys. capillary joining of close fitting joints and braze welding of wider gaps.
Technical data: 
Silver content2%
Tensile strength550 MPa