GoodAire 1802

Portable welding fume extractor for the protection of your health

Portable welding fume extractor with a cleanable filter and dust recovery. Highly effective suction. Consider consulting Castolin Eutectic for fume extration torches, work benches and arms for fixed installations.

Effective extraction technology

  • The system with the best value for your money
  • High filtration efficiency (> 99.9%)
  • Cost-effective dedusting of the filter with compressed air ensures easy, economical operation
  • No dust exposure when emptying the tilting filter bin
  • Compact, sturdy plastic housing
  • Approx. 60 dB noise level
  • Ergonomic extraction arm and suction head designed according to the latest fluid flow research
  • External hinge arm ensures low contamination and low maintenance requirements
  • Can be used as a filter for soldering fumes
  • Recirculation mode option for welding highalloy steels
  • Also available with BIA W3 certification (BIA is the BG Institute for Occupational Safety & Health)
Technical data: 
Rated air flow 2000 m³/h
Inlet diameter 2 x 140 mm
Mains voltage / frequency 400 V / 50 Hz
Power 2,2 kW
Filtration area 15 m³
Noise level 60 dB(A) per DIN 45635
Dimensions (L x W X H) 946 x 761 x 1361 mm
Weight 74 kg