Castolin dyomix® OHM 2.4

The new water-based oxyfuel station

With CleanTech dyomix® it is possible to easily produce a clean high-performance fuel from the oxygen and hydrogen naturally present in water, with no storage requirements. The flame produced by this process, burns at more than 2500ºC, and is particularly suitable for the needs of those professionals using a flame torch in their daily work. The dyomix® oxy-hydrogen flame technology has been used and tested intensively in the industry since 2009. Robust, efficient and safe, innovative and patented, the dyomix® electrolysers have now been miniaturized to be used directly on site. Compact, lightweight and mobile, the Castolin dyomix® OHM 2.4 is a major innovation. 100% made in France, it is intended for professionals such as refrigeration or heating specialists, plumbers and for any other work requiring a flame. The Castolin dyomix® OHM 2.4 is a unique equipment with the latest eco-innovative technologies. It was thought to be easy to use. By choosing Castolin dyomix® OHM 2.4, users simplify their logistical constraints, reduce the level of risk of their daily activities and have a clean, high-performance flame onsite, at all times.

Technical data: 
Single-phase power supply: 230 Vac – 11 A Max
Rated power:2 kW (normal mode)
Maximum power: 2,4 kW (BOOST mode)
Consumption of pure water: 0,25 l/h (normal mode)
Additive consumption: 0,10 l/h (normal mode)
Service pressure: 1,4 bar
Maximum flow rate: 550 l/h
Run time between two refills: 1h at 100%
Flame temp: >2 500°C