Brazing technology for joining hard metals to structural substrates

CarbiBraze is a completely new designed alloy dedicated for the tooling industry, i.e. joining hard metals to structural substrates mainly made of steel. Even though containing less silver, CarbiBraze provides first class mechanical propoerties and wetting to hard metals due to the well adapted content of Nickel and Manganese. Its low melting range and the high fluidity ensure good diffusion bonding and lowest possible heat affection of the base material and the hard metal tools.

Features and benefits:

  • ƒƒLow melting point.
  • ƒƒExcellent fluidity and very suitable for capillary joints.
  • ƒƒMost cost effective and economical due to reduced Ag content.
  • ƒƒAchieves best mechanical strenght in joints.
  • ƒƒ

  • Easy to use.

Type of packaging:
Rods: Castolin Dry pack 1 kg
Foils: Plastic vacuum bag 1 kg

  • Drillbits
  • Saw blades and cutting discs
  • Drilling crowns
Technical data: 
Solidus-Liquidus 680-700°C
Working temperature 720°C
Shear strength 210-240MPa