Silver-containing Cadfree® ternary brazing alloy for capillary joining and repair of wide joints.

Maximum Safety Margin, thanks to its high silver content: either by capillary attraction, in the case of close-fitting components, or by moulding in the case of large joint gaps. Joints built up with Castolin 181 are especially resistant to impact and vibrations.

Alloy types:

181: Bare.
181 F: Flux coated.

Industry Examples
Carbide tipped tools, crimping of diamond tools, band saw blades, brass fittings. Pipes, taps and fittings. Galvanised earthing fixtures, electrical contacts (coatings), trolleys, resistor connections, bus bars, cable brackets. Lamps, brass or bronze sculptures, works of art, musical in-struments, hardware shop items.
Mechanical workshops, food processing industry, transportation, shipyards, electrical engineering.
Technical data: 
Silver content20%
Tensile strength400-460 MPa