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September 7, 2021

Pioneering Industrial Sustainability: Castolin Eutectic announces new Mission & Strategy together with new Leadership Team

From left to right: Ted Takada (VP East Asia ), Sampath Kumar (VP Africa Middle East), Berthold Jansen (Chief Human Resources Officer), Norbert Finger (CFO), Patrick Fetzer (President and CEO), Marcin Melcer (VP North East Europe, Martin Kirchgassner (CTO & VP Central Europe), Vincent Martin (VP Southwest Europe), Carlos Esteves (VP Americas)

Under the credo of “Pioneering Industrial Sustainability”, Castolin Eutectic launches in September its growth strategy for the next years under the leadership of a complete new executive management team based in Kriftel, greater Frankfurt area, Germany.

Over the course of more than 100 years, Castolin Eutectic has brought innovative products and  solutions to customers in wear-intensive industries, continuously striving to extend useful life, reduce maintenance costs and increase industrial productivity through welding, brazing and coating technologies. 

“We have transitioned from being a family-owned business into a global standalone company while maintaining our industry expertise, people focus and our deep rooted belief in sustainability,” explains Patrick Fetzer, President and Chief Executive Officer since October 2020.

“Looking ahead, we will cultivate the focus on reusability with a disproportionate focus on value-added services in proximity to our customers. Our industry application matrices and service shop footprint will continue to enable further expansion into the service and consumables categories,” says Martin Kirchgassner, Vice President and Chief Technology Officer.

Castolin Eutectic will keep expanding its key industry customer base (cement, mining, oil & gas, power generation, steel, pulp & paper, sugar, agriculture, recycling) and distinguish itself through customer service, speed to market, responsiveness and reliability.

“At the heart of our Business Strategy are our people, on whom the achievement of our ambitious strategic goals depends. It is therefore self-explanatory that we, at Castolin Eutectic, have committed ourselves to promoting and challenging the skills and engagement of our employees,” says Berthold G. Jansen, Global Head of Human Resources. “We focus on a healthy mix of experienced and young employees, with an appropriate presence of all genders and orientations. An important first step in this direction is the introduction of an ESG management program that reflects our sustainable future orientation.”

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Norbert Finger, appointed Senior Vice President and Chief Financial Officer on  May3rd, assumes global responsibility for Finance, IT, Controllership, Risk Management and M&A activities. With a background in automotive, building materials, retail and manufacturing, Norbert has led strategically important projects for private equity companies in post­merger integration, business transformation, as well as working capital and cost optimization. 

Berthold G. Jansen, the new Vice President and Chief Human Resources Officer, has previously held leading HR positions in the automotive, industrial, aerospace and defense sectors. Berthold's experience focuses on the design, management and implementation of HR transformation projects with a trigger in increasing efficiency and digitalization. In addition to his global Human Resources role, Berthold heads Castolin Eutectic’s Legal affairs and Compliance Office.  

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