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Castolin Eutectic News

15 November 2017
Monitor Coatings wins funding to develop functional gradient design coatings
15 November 2017
Innovators set to improve wear resistant coatings with the aid of nanotechnology
23 October 2017
North East Company wins funding to develop functional gradient design coatings
3 October 2017
New laser cladded sieves offer 10 times higher service life than standard steel
11 August 2017
Castolin Eutectic and Bisalloy Steel Group: new partnership to strengthen presence in Australia and Dubai
15 May 2017
CarbiBraze: new dedicated solution for Tooling industry
10 May 2017
Monitor Coatings wins Award for ‘Excellence in the Marine Industry’
2 May 2017
Patented CaviTec alloy reduces maintenance costs in Hydro Power Plants
1 March 2017
XuperCoat™ for Best-in-Class Mould Wear Resistance and Product Quality in Slab, Bloom and Billet Casting
24 February 2017
Castolin Eutectic equips firefighter trucks in Madrid with plasma cutting machines
6 February 2017
BBC: Coating made to last "for as long as HMS Queen Elizabeth sails the seas"
1 February 2017
Furnace Mineral Products (FMP), Inc. joins Castolin Eutectic Group
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