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Castolin Eutectic News

7 May 2019
Launch of the New Formulation for Welding Wire EnDOtec® DO*327 and New Electrode 6327 XHD
4 April 2019
Castolin Eutectic brings wearplate manufacturing and vertical roll mill refurbishment to South Africa
22 March 2019
Extended capacity for our laser cladding workshop in Florida
8 March 2019
Monitor Coatings is Regional Winner for the North East Business Innovation Award
23 November 2018
North Tyneside Business of the Year: Monitor Coatings recognised for driving innovation
20 October 2018
The Future of Maintenance in Cement. Man-Free, Wear-Free, Self-Repairing?
16 October 2018
First F-35 Lightning fighter jets have landed on the deck of UK's new aircraft carrier
11 October 2018
Fighter jets join forces with British aircraft carrier to make history
27 July 2018
Maintaining the leadership in PTA welding: new EuTronic GAP 3511 DC Synergic
23 July 2018
Say NO to Cancer: Chrome-Free Sacrificial Cermet Coatings in Aerospace
18 July 2018
Monitoring technology for quality improvements and increased operational performance
29 June 2018
Stacey Marple, Castolin Eutectic Project Manager, is awarded Top 50 Women in Engineering Prize
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