Developing technologies for Continuous Casting

The steel industry consists of a plant that produces iron and steel from scrap or molten metal. Some of these foundaries also have integrated finishing mills on site that convert iron and steel into both finished and unfinished product. Some of the goods produced in finishing mills are steel wire, pipe, bars, rods and sheets. While wire, steel reinforcing bars, and pipes are considered finished products, rolled steel is unfinished, meaning it is normally shipped to companies, such as automotive plants, that stamp, shape and machine the rolled steel into car parts. In these finishing mills, products may also be coated with chemicals, paints, or other metals that give the steel desired characteristics for various applications.

Monitor Coatings Limited, in conjunction with Corus plc, has developed several key enabling technologies for Continuous Casting equipment, process rolls and many other ancillary equipment with asset life extension consistently extending up to X4 compared to conventional modes of operation.

Other added benefits of these coating systems include the downstream surface quality of the cast or rolled product increasing the yield and efficiency of the process.