Furnace Protection Coatings

Improves resistance to heat oxidation and scaling

MoniPlex® is a high temperature protection coating for heat treatment furnace retorts, muffles, baskets, trays, hearth plates, fans, recuperater tubes and radiant tubes made of stainless steel, Inconel and Hastelloy. MoniPlex® coatings of 50 microns thickness is applied by spray gun or brushed on the component. When the coated components are heated to around 850°C in the furnace the coating diffuses into the base metal and form an adherent layer.

  • Improves resistance to heat oxidation and scaling
  • Protects components from corrosion at high temperature
  • Improves heat resistance and minimises distortion of components
  • Avoids cracking of weld joints
  • In the case of retorts and radiant tubes the coating improves heat transfer with a marked reduction in energy consumption
  • Prevents carburising and nitriding of fixtures and retorts thereby minimising cracking
  • Coatings withstand severe thermal shock.

In carburising furnaces, during de-sooting, the carbon deposited on nickel/chromium elements and radiant tubes burns off exothermically. The heat released causes localised pitting and repeated heating and de-sooting causes the pits to increase which eventually leads to rupture. MoniPlex® reduces these effects, extending and improving the heat transfer of high temperature furnaces.

  • Smooth surface of coating prevents carbon deposit
  • Ceramic coating resists the heat of exothermic reactions during de-sooting
  • Chromium oxides in the coating improve emissivity from around 0.6 to 0.9 improving the heat radiation.
  • Improved radiation minimises over heating of elements.
  • The inert surface created using MIP2 protects the heaters from the corrosive effects of the furnace atmosphere.
  • Improves furnace temperature uniformity