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Castolin Eutectic | Monitor Coatings receives Nadcap accreditation for specialist ‘coatings’

Nadcap recognises Castolin Eutectic | Monitor Coatings for its commitment to continual improvement in aerospace quality. Monitor Coatings Ltd, Castolin Eutectic’s UK based coatings service centre, announces that it has received Nadcap ‘merit’ accreditation for specialist aerospace coatings following an audit in November 2017. 

Innovators set to improve wear resistant coatings with the aid of nanotechnology

Funding has been granted by UK’s Innovation Agency to engineer novel wear resistant coatings applied via high kinetic energy spray processes

North East Company wins funding to develop functional gradient design coatings

Researchers set to conduct studies to develop low cost customisable coatings that can coat 3D geometries whilst protecting against aggressive high temperature environments. 


BBC: Coating made to last "for as long as HMS Queen Elizabeth sails the seas"

Monitor Coatings, part of Castolin Eutectic since 2013, were featured in the BBC’s The One Show on 26 January 2017. The short film covered the construction of Queen Elizabeth Aircraft Carrier and showcased our truly innovative, next generation coating system. The 3 billion-pound ship is the largest aircraft carrier the UK ever had and will be the heart of the Royal Navy's operations for decades to come.

Visiting Monitor Coatings' headquarters in the North Shields, BBC's Marty Jopson has done a simulation on the behavior of a conventional paint system in contact with a jet engine at 600 C. The damage to the paint is obvious after one single firing.

Furnace Mineral Products (FMP), Inc. joins Castolin Eutectic Group

The Castolin Eutectic Group, a division of the Messer Eutectic Castolin GmbH Holding with headquarters in Bad Soden, Germany, announces the acquisition of Furnace Mineral Products (FMP), Inc, on February 1, 2017.  A privately owned corporation based in Toronto, Canada, FMP specializes in the research, development, manufacture and field application of innovative, inorganic-hybrid coatings.

Monitor Coatings deepens surface roughness knowledge

Constantly aspiring to provide leading-edge wear protection solutions for hostile environments, Monitor Coatings acquired a new surface roughness tester at the end of June 2016 that increases data capture abilities in this critical area.

Tom Nicholson, Monitor Coatings’ production manager based in Newcastle, UK, reveals: “Having considered the offerings from several other manufactures, we identified Mitutoyo’s Surftest SJ-410 as the ideal tester for our use. An in-house demonstration confirmed the robust, portable unit’s suitability for both static surface roughness testing in our quality department and for use on our shopfloor, in addition to occasional offsite use”.

Queen Elizabeth Aircraft Carrier getting ready to set sail

Work on Queen Elizabeth, the Royal Navy’s biggest ship in history, is nearing completion according to this BBC report from 20 May. The thermal metal spray coating to be applied to 2,000 square metres of the 19,000 sqm main deck has been developed by Monitor Coatings.

"Working with experts in the UK, we have developed a unique coating to provide the necessary protection to the flight deck of the aircraft carriers and this will ensure they can deliver the UK’s carrier strike capability for the next 50 years," explained Ian Booth, Managing Director of the Aircraft Carrier Alliance.

XuperCoat: the highest protection technology for moulds in Steel industry

In the production and processing of steel, the CastCoat copper mould surfaces are subject to extreme operating conditions which have a direct influence on the quality of the product manufactured. Using the unique XuperCOAT coating, the surface is protected from wear and corrosion at high temperatures.

The improved wear resistance results in longer campaign in exchanging moulds, which ensures higher availability and quality throughput. Moreover, the protection ensured by the XuperCOAT provides longer life of the copper plates, thus saving costs and reducing maintenance online and offline.

On Site Roll Repair: the need for speed

Monitor Coatings Ltd on site coatings team were able to respond in December 2015 to a request from local steel industry roll manufacturer, Union Electric Steel UK Ltd, to carry out an arc spray modification of a seal face on a large back up roll.  The requirement was for a low temperature, high integrity coating of increased hardness over the base metal with reduced coefficient of friction to provide a smooth, long lasting running surface.

Monitor Coatings: 19,500m² coating on UK Navy’s biggest Ship in History

After a two-year test program, Monitor Coatings Ltd. have been awarded the prestigious contract for providing a non-skid, thermal gas wash resistant deck coating for the Queen Elizabeth Class Aircraft Carriers HMS. With a flight deck the size of three football pitches (19,500m²) and taller than Niagara Falls (56 meters), HMS Queen Elizabeth and her sister ship, HMS Prince of Wales, are the largest ships ever built for and operated by the Royal Navy. The Queen herself officially named the ship at Rosyth dockyard on 4 July 2014.