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Castolin Eutectic | Monitor Coatings Receives Nadcap Merit Status for special coatings

Nadcap recognises Castolin Eutectic | Monitor Coatings for its superior performance and commitment to continual improvement in aerospace quality. Castolin Eutectic | Monitor Coatings announces that it has once again been awarded Nadcap Merit status for special coatings.


Mr. Derek Jackson, Technical Director of Monitor Coatings said, “As a result of the hugely successful Aerospace sector based NADCAP audit undertaken in November 2018, Monitor Coatings has again shown that the Quality Management System employed within the organisation meets and exceeds the demanding detail required for NADCAP accreditation.”

Monitor Coatings is Regional Winner for the North East Business Innovation Award

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On Thursday 28th February, Monitor Coatings | Castolin Eutectic were proudly presented with the Innovation Award for the Northumberland and Tyneside Heat of the North East Business Awards 2019. Monitor Coatings have been part of Castolin Eutectic since 2013. Castolin Eutectic is a worldwide leader of application solutions in maintenance, repair and wear protection. With more than 1,500 people worldwide in over 100 countries and more than 700 application specialists partnering with Castolin Eutectic gives Monitor Coatings the ability to grow faster.


North Tyneside Business of the Year: Monitor Coatings recognised for driving innovation

On Thursday 15th November, Monitor Coatings | Castolin Eutectic were presented with the Digital and Innovation Award at the North Tyneside Business Awards 2018.  Monitor Coatings were later that evening named North Tyneside Business of the Year, recognised for their commitment to the local area and driving innovation. Monitor Coatings (Castolin Eutectic’s UK-based subsidiary) strive for excellence, with research and development at the forefront. Monitor Coatings boasts an enviable research and development portfolio, currently leading four Innovate UK collaborative research projects, with a budget close to £2 million.

Fighter jets join forces with British aircraft carrier to make history

The first F-35 Lightning fighter jets have landed on the deck of the United Kingdom’s new aircraft carrier, making history and marking the beginning of more than half-a-century of ‘Carrier Strike’ operations. Royal Navy Commander Nathan Gray and RAF Squadron Leader Andy Edgell were the first pilots to land their stealth F-35 Lightning fighter jets on board the carrier, demonstrating the formidable force HMS Queen Elizabeth and her fleet of jets will be. 

Say NO to Cancer: Chrome-Free Sacrificial Cermet Coatings in Aerospace

In the framework of European legislation (REACH regulations) requiring the elimination of hexavalent Chromium (Cr6+), which is carcinogenic, Castolin Eutectic - Monitor Coatings led the R&D project "Accelerated Manufacturing with Chrome Free Sacrificial Cermet Coatings in Aerospace" (AMSCA project) from June 2014 to May 2017. The project was successful and led to the development of a basecoat plus seal coat which met all functional requirements tested, showing that a solution could be deployed as a system and gaining significant levels of scientific understanding.

Monitoring technology for quality improvements and increased operational performance

Monitor Coatings Limited, the Castolin Eutectic subsidiary and surface engineering specialist in North Tyneside, was funded by UK’s Innovation Agency to investigate the elements within the Acoustic Emissions (AE) of the thermal spray process that contain information about the coating quality.


The objective of the study was to develop next generation on-line monitoring that can  detect deviations from the optimum spraying conditions at an early stage, enabling prompt correction and greatly reducing product rejections and re-coating compared to the inadequate post-spray quality check.

Castolin Eutectic | Monitor Coatings receives Nadcap accreditation for specialist ‘coatings’

Nadcap recognises Castolin Eutectic | Monitor Coatings for its commitment to continual improvement in aerospace quality. Monitor Coatings Ltd, Castolin Eutectic’s UK based coatings service centre, announces that it has received Nadcap ‘merit’ accreditation for specialist aerospace coatings following an audit in November 2017. 

Innovators set to improve wear resistant coatings with the aid of nanotechnology

Funding has been granted by UK’s Innovation Agency to engineer novel wear resistant coatings applied via high kinetic energy spray processes

North East Company wins funding to develop functional gradient design coatings

Researchers set to conduct studies to develop low cost customisable coatings that can coat 3D geometries whilst protecting against aggressive high temperature environments. 


BBC: Coating made to last "for as long as HMS Queen Elizabeth sails the seas"

Monitor Coatings, part of Castolin Eutectic since 2013, were featured in the BBC’s The One Show on 26 January 2017. The short film covered the construction of Queen Elizabeth Aircraft Carrier and showcased our truly innovative, next generation coating system. The 3 billion-pound ship is the largest aircraft carrier the UK ever had and will be the heart of the Royal Navy's operations for decades to come.

Visiting Monitor Coatings' headquarters in the North Shields, BBC's Marty Jopson has done a simulation on the behavior of a conventional paint system in contact with a jet engine at 600 C. The damage to the paint is obvious after one single firing.