MoniPlex® and SealPlex® Applications

MoniPlex® ceramic and metallic coatings are applied as liquid slurry which naturally flows over the surface of almost any shape, including internal diameters as small as 0.5 mm. They are totally dense, pore free and the coating exhibits a spinel-like bond layer with the component. The SealpPlex® process is capable of infiltrating other surface treatments and coatings thereby sealing the corrosion pathways down to the substrate. There is no apparent porosity.

Protection of impeller pumps, piston rings
Improves resistance to heat oxidation and scaling
Protection of Air jet plates, Cooling tracks Twist stop pins, Draw rolls, Yarn feeders, Weft tongs
Protection of pumps and compressors
Protection of mud rotors, shafts, rings, valve casings and separators
Protection of Continuous Casting copper mould plates, furnace rolls and hearth rolls