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December 12, 2012

Micro GAP 50 DC: for all manual applications with low welding currents


Micro GAP 50 DC stands for plasma welding with transferred electric arc (PTA technique). The GAP procedure is ideally suitable for joining and coating work. Through the constriction of the electric arc by means of a cooled anode, a plasma beam with a very high energy density is created. The transferred plasma arc melts the surface of the work piece, which is flushed with inert gas, very quickly in localised areas. The energy input and the supply of welding filler material in powder or wire form are decoupled; there are thereby many options for influencing the heat input to the work piece and the mixing with the base material.

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Micro GAP 50 DC is ideal for welding applications that require precision, high-quality layer quality and low dilution; in particular when fully automatic welding is impractical or inapplicable due to low numbers or the diversity of the tasks. The welding units are available with various features. The operation is carried out via pushbutton selector switches and knobs on the front display. Micro GAP 50 DC is designed for manual and semi-automatic welding tasks in which frequent parameter changes are required. All the settings are displayed on the LCD display in plain text, and up to 100 memory locations are available for storing the welding parameters. The extremely powerful inverter delivers 33 A at a 100% duty cycle, which is also sufficient for micro-plasma welding.


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