Messer Cutting Systems

Messer Cutting Systems

Our machines are world market leaders for cutting metals with a thickness of up to 30 cm and are used in numerous applications.

Our Messer Cutting Systems division develops and produces metal cutting machinery. With almost 100 years of experience in this sector we have become a world market leader in the field of thermal cutting machinery.

We design and develop our own machines as well as the associated software and control systems, produce them on four continents (Germany, USA, China, India, Brazil) and distribute these machines worldwide. Messer Cutting Systems represent quality and outstanding technical capability. Efficiency of our machines is unrivalled, with speed of cutting, cut quality, resource efficiency and software integration at world class levels. Complementary activities in service and retrofitting round off our programme.

With the machines from Messer Cutting Systems steel is cut which is used in the production of ships, large machines, tractors and construction machinery, bridges and buildings, infrastructure, railways, and in many other areas.

Our product range consits of the following machines:

  • Oxyfuel Cutting systems
  • Plasma Cutting systems
  • Laser Cutting systems
  • Software and control
  • Service, consumables and Spare parts
  • Retrofit
  • Peripheral devices