Testing Lab

In-house testing capabilities include:


Tensile / Elongation Testing

Tensile testing provides data on the maximum load (tensile strength) that a material or a product can withstand. This is important in understanding the physical characteristics of the polymer as well as any changes in the polymer behavior as it ages or post exposure to stresses like heat or chemical attack.

Impact Testing

Testing for impact includes dropping a predefined weight at various heights and observing for damage to the coating film.   Did you know - several of the MeCaTeC® polymers are toughened with elastomers to improve their impact resistance.

Flexibility Testing

Testing for flexibility involves bending a coated sample coupon over various mandrel diameters until the coating cracks. 


Measures the way a coating liquid flows in response to an applied force.  This helps us to design materials that will offer great sag resistance and edge retention while still maintaining a fluid behavior that allows for improved brush and sprayability.

Did you know – several of the MeCaTeC® polymers are enhanced with RHEOLASTIC a proprietary rheology modification to enhance the coatings flow and sag resistance behavior?