The MeCaTeC® range of advanced polymer surfacing formulations from Castolin Eutectic provides fast practical solutions to a wide variety of industrial maintenance and repair problems caused by premature wear of critical parts used in manufacturing machinery and equipment. MeCaTec® is ideal for anti-wear coating and repair of all metals, including difficult-to-weld metals such as Ni-Hard castings. Our range of MeCaTeC® is environmentally friendly as is contains no VOC and is halogen free. For more questions, please contact us.

Fine Grade Wear Protection Compound
Fast Setting Wear Compound
High Temperature Wear Protection with Kevlar®
Wear Protection Compound with Kevlar®
Great Alternative to Ceramic Tile & Wearplate
For Severe Erosion at Elevated Temperatures
Excellent Alternative to Ceramic Tile
Your resource for Sliding and Fine Particle Erosion