MeCaWear© A5

Wear Protection Compound with Kevlar®

MeCaWear© A5 with Kevlar® is a high performance paste grade polymer coating. The two-part coating incorporates a high loading of alumina and silicon carbide within the resin and hardener system that when reacted cures to provide a surface with outstanding wear protection. MeCaWear© A5 is composed of four primary ingredients; a high performance polymer, silicon carbide particles, angular alumina particles and interlocking Kevlar® fiber. MeCaWear© A5 has been formulated to allow for versatility in many applications, with no special tools and without the need for additional heat. Plus, it is suitable for use on both new and worn parts. It can be cast into irregular shapes for use as a wear pad or wear plate. MeCaFix© 100 and 120 can be used to bond the precast wear pad to the surface.


• Pipe Elbows
• Ash Handling Pipe
•Slurry Pumps
• Screw Conveyors
• Ceramic Tile Repair
• Pulverizers

Technical data: 
Max. Operating Temp. - Wet Service 122°F (50°C)
Max. Operating Temp. - Dry Service 195°F (90°C)