MeCaSpray© equipment

Pneumatic Dispersing System

MeCaSpray© is the pneumatic cartridge spray system for Castolin Eutectic’s MeCaTeC® series of polymer coatings. This selfcontained spray system is portable and lightweight for ease of use and control. It integrates a dual stage trigger making one handed operation possible. The dual stage trigger allows atomizing air to flow to the nozzle first, before initiating material flow from the cartridge. Each two-component cartridge contains both resin and hardener, separated until ready to spray. This system provides precise mixing at the nozzle, when needed, avoiding waste and pot life concerns.

MeCaSpray© equipment is used with MecaWear© and MeCaCorr© cartridges. Each cartridge contains both Resin and Hardener.

MeCaWear© 300
MeCaWear© 350
MeCaCorr© 700
MeCaCorr© 710
MeCaCorr© 750
MeCaCorr© 780