MeCaFix© 120

Titanium Filled Metallic Repair Putty

MeCaFix© 120 is a low temperature cure, stainless steel and titanium filled metallic repair putty. MeCaFix© 120 is specifically formulated to protect working surfaces in all positions without sag. The polymer is extremely versatile and can be used to protect surfaces against abrasive wear, corrosive liquids and corrosion. The metallic reinforced polymer matrix can be precision machined, drilled and tapped whilst exhibiting exceptional resistance to pressure and deformation.


• Thread Repair
• Propellers
• Cracked Casings
• Tube Sheet Repair
• Pump Housings
• Scored Hydraulic Rams
• Resurfacing Metal Loss
• Butterfly Gate
• Valve Repairs
• Polymer Shimming
• Bellows
• Cold Bonding Adhesive