MeCaCorr© 750

Chemical Resistant, Glass Flake, Epoxy Lining

MeCaCorr© 750 is one of the most advanced chemical immersion linings on the market. The polymer matrix is specifically designed to achieve wear and chemical resistance characteristics for the restoration and protection of metallic surfaces subjected to harsh corrosion and chemical attack. It provides outstanding chemical resistance allowing it to be used in a wide variety of environments including crude oil and sulphuric acid service. This 100% solids, zero VOC technology offers fast return to service and edge retentive properties. The coating system is designed for application versatility, it can be applied by brush, hot potted through a single component airless pump or applied through a heated 2:1 ratio plural component pump for maximum production throughput.


• Penstock Lining
• Pipe Coating
• Petroleum Tanks
• Chemical Tanks
• Heat Exchangers

Technical data: 
Max. Operating Temp. - Wet Service 200°F (95°C)
Max. Operating Temp. - Dry Service 300°F (150°C)