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May 30, 2020

Excellence in Cast Iron Welding: Lloyd’s Register Certification for Castolin Eutectic Cast Iron alloys


After a thorough inspection, Lloyd’s Register re-certified Castolin Eutectic EutecTrode 2-24, EutecTrode 2-26D, EutecTrode XHD 2230 and EnDoTec DO*23 welding alloys, as well as our manufacturing plant in Dublin, Ireland.

With this certification, Castolin Eutectic is the only company whose cast iron welding alloys, for hot and cold welding, are listed in Lloyd’s Register «Supplementary List of Welding Consumables». They are particularly suitable for foundries and repair shops that weld cast iron parts that are subject to Lloyd’s Register supervision. These arc welding alloys are also important for companies carrying out procedural tests in accordance with LR’s ‘Rules of Shipment’. Therefore, constant quality is guaranteed by the annual inspection by Lloyd’s Register and the audit according to the quality standard DIN EN 9001.


EutecTrode 2-24 cast iron welding electrodes

Ideal for workshops and maintenance departments where good,  all-round properties of a universal cast iron electrode are required. High mechanical strength, good bonding and exceptional weldability in position. Excellent overall weldability, low resultant hardness in heat-affected zone.

Applications: e.g.: Machine tool slides, bearings, crankshaft housings, cable drums, slide rails, rack and chain wheels, turbine blades, gaskets, valve bodies and the housings of electric motors, compressors and pumps. Certification according to Lloyd’s Register: Certificate nº PRJ 11088637- A/02 A1 Properties fs***-20


EutecTrode 2-26D cast iron welding electrodes

Hot welding cast iron with similar metal applications in manufacturing, fabrication and repair of nodular iron castings (GJS) as well as grey flake iron castings (GJL). Repairing casting defects, blowholes, porosity, etc. Certification according to Lloyd’s Register: Certificate nº PRJ 11088637- A/03 A1 Properties cq***-*

Applications: e.g.: turbine housings, motor and gearbox housings, fitting housings, rotor hubs and gearbox housings of wind turbines.


EnDOtec DO*23 cast iron welding wires

Cold welding cast iron with dissimilar metal applications for joining and surfacing castings with nodular or grey flake graphite and malleable cast iron. High-speed application with low heat input and highest mechanical properties, strength and elongation, for repairs and joints with Maximum Safety Margin. Also for joining cast iron to different steel-grades.
 Certification according to Lloyd’s Register: Certificate nº PRJ 11088637- A/04 A1 Properties fs***-20

Applications: e.g.: Large fittings, machine tool slides, bearings, slide rails, gears, turbine blades and housings, crankshaft housings and valve seats.

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