TeroCote 7888SH

Spherical Carbide-Containing Alloy in Coil Form for Heavy-Duty Protection Against Abrasion

Eutectic's TeroCote 7888SH is a composite wire comprising a nickel core and a flexible envelope containing a mixture of spherical tungsten carbide and a nickel-chromium alloy. The spherical nature of the carbides increases the wear resistance of the deposits in particular reducing the risks of cracking It has a resistance greater than an equivalent matrix containing non-spherical carbides shocks.

Industry Examples
Industries where 7888SH can be used: Mining & Earthmoving, Oil Exploration, Brick/Cement making, Mineral Processing, Iron & Steel, Agriculture
Ripper teeth, Drill Bits, Stabilizers, Mixer & Scraper blades, Extrusion press Screws, Conveyor Screws, Pump Rotors and Sleeves, Guides & Scraper blades, Cutting edges on Plow shares
Technical data: 
Hardness, matrix (HV30) > 400 HV
Micro-hardness, carbides (HV1) >2300 HV
Carbide granulometry < 420 μm
Max. Service Temperature ≈ 700°C