GAP 2501 DC

Plasma Welding Units for Industrial Applications

EuTronic GAP 2501 DC and 3501 DC are Eutectic’s premier PTA equipment designed for ease of automation into heavy-duty industrial environments. Using air tunnel technology, components remain cool and dirt-free, extending service life. Eutectic offers a wide range of software and accessories, these modular PTA units can be adapted to any application. With the EuTronic GAP 2501/3501 DC units it is possible to combine multiple processes on a wide range of base materials: Plasma coating, TIG Welding, Plasma brazing, MMA welding. Automation setup and control is handled easily and intuitively through a user friendly, industrial strength, touch screen control panel. The main screen gives access to all relevant welding operations. Input data, even with welding gloves, memory stores up to 1000 parameters.

Molds, valves and valve stems, plungers, gear teeth, bucket teeth
Technical data: 
Pilot arc current 0.5 - 30 A max 30 A 100% Duty Cycle
Welding current 2 - 250 A
Max welding arc current 160 A 100% Duty Cycle
Max welding arc current 200 A 60% Duty Cycle
Max welding arc current 250 A 50% Duty Cycle
Max. power consumption 18kVA
Voltage supply 3 x 460V ±10%
Supply frequency 50/60 Hz
Supply fuse 32 A
Degree of protection IP 23S
Dimensions (L x W x H) 32 x 18 x 25“
Weight approx. 154.3 Lb