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Waste and Recycling

We believe in the circular economy. Don't let waste go to waste.

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Tyres are often shredded prior to dumping

Tire shredder

In landfills, tyres do not decompose for hundreds of years, occupy a lot of space and also represent a substantial fire risk. Using tyres as a fuel is promising, but transport to incinerators may be too costly. For all these reasons, tyres are often shredded prior to dumping or incineration or for re-use as rubber crumb. Rubber crumb is increasingly applied in roadbuilding -rubber asphalt or ‘whispering’ asphalt - or as a resilient base for running tracks, tennis courts.

Western Rubber Grizzley 80S rebuild with DO327 2018-10-24 08.53.05

Abrasion, erosion and metal-to-metal wear

Wearface Tire Shredder Knives
Western Rubber Grizzley 80S rebuild with DO327 2018-10-24 08.53.05

The customer wanted to replace his multi-wire solution with one hardfacing wire that was capable of a multiple pass build-up of 12 to 20 mm without cracking. Customer’s previous solution included buildup of 7018 and two separate capping wires that cracked when applied in multiple passes. Steel belts in the tires wear into the cracks causing spalling and premature wear. Our EnDOtec DO*327 multiple pass build-up capability and high hardness met the customer’s requirements and provided a single source solution.


Better pumping efficiency


The centrifugal screws of clearing mud pumps are subjected to erosion on the flights and exit holes by suspended solids. EutecTrode XHD 6868 was used to rebuild the screws with corrosion resistance and no weld cracking. The critical flight and hole wear zones were all protected with an Eutalloy powder which allows very precise control of the part tolerances leading to better pumping efficiency.

MHKW Essen Karnap 07.03.2007 008

Recycling of metals and end-of-life vehicles

MHKW Essen Karnap 07.03.2007 008

In the field of car recycling, the grapples suffer from agressive wear because of the material they carry and received shocks. The range of coating products and anti-wear parts Castolin Eutectic provides, gives you the opportunity to strengthen your tools and work more efficiently. Castolin Eutectic manufactures products like the EnDOtec DO33, DO327 and DO15 that improve the lifespan of these tools.

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