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Power generation

We have deep knowledge of application solutions for the wear problems in transport screws, cyclones, rotary valves, VRMs on-site.

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Limited distortion or shrinkage

Superior tube protection

For decades, Castolin Eutectic has been the provider of choice for service, repair and preventive maintenance of heavy-duty and industrial process equipment. In power generation, protecting your industrial process equipment, boilers, tubes and walls from future corrosion and erosion, while also extending your tubes’ useful life is vital to your operation’s bottom line. With LaserClad, you can experience more reliability and better across-the-board performance with a new, state-of-the-art laser overlay process that provides perfection in an imperfect world.


Can your operation afford downtime due to outdated protection methods?

LaserClad: the Future is Here

Unlike coatings of the past, LaserClad is an advanced overlay process that far outperforms spray coatings or weld overlay. Spalling, repairs, spot welds and poor bond strength are now a thing of the past. Thinner, metallurgically bonded and fully dense coatings with undiluted chemistry are now possible. This allows for excellent corrosion resistance, better heat transfer and lower component weight. Certified welding procedures include: for PED and ASME (“S”, “U” and “PP” stamps and NBIC certifications “R” and “NB,”) in addition to our high safety and corporate quality control standards.


process steps

Our Expertise

1. Inspection Services
Complete surveys of tube and coating condition on-site

2. Coating Service

  • Deposition of thick and thin coatings on large parts
  • Wear and corrosion protection of tubes and water walls with the precision of offline CNC programming
  • R&D support for novel coatings
  • Experienced and cost-effective OEM coating service for large series

3. Laser Cladding powder

  • Full range of alloys available and optimised for laser cladding: 625, 622 etc
  • Novel alloys can be designed/manufactured in our state-of-the-art powder production plant

Reinforced with CDP® wearplates


Owing to our CDP® technology and the experience of our metalworking workshops, we can offer you custom parts according to your needs. These wearplates will allow you to increase the life of your screws and reduce your interventions of maintenance and repair.


Reinforced with CDP® 4666

Precipitator tanks

Chilled or white cast iron is normally used for precipitator tanks which collect high speed fly ashes from the boilers in thermal power stations. These tanks suffer from severe wear by erosion and require frequent replacement. A longer service life solution, which is also more economic, has been found by inserting CDP® 4666 welded wear plates and joining them with EutecTrode XHD 646.

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