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Reduce unscheduled downtime

Our core competences include hardbanding, OEM parts manufacturing, preventive maintenance and critical repairs.

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Preventive maintenance is used to protect your parts from abrasion, erosion, corrosion, cavitation and adhesive wear. The goal is to keep your assets in optimal condition and reduce unscheduled repairs, ultimely preventing breakdown. Wearfaced parts offer significantly enhanced service lifetimes over new unprotected parts. Castolin Eutectic performs preventive maintenance on boiler tubes, screws, rolls and much more.


Preventive maintenance

Protected parts are better than new

OEM parts are coated to prevent a wear or corrosion problem only in the necessary areas. This can range from hardbanding on wear exposed areas to HVOF coating of o-ring grooves to prevent corrosion.

New production examples

  • Fishing and milling tools
  • Wear sleeves and stabilizers
  • Ball valves
  • Mandrels, shaft, pistons
  • Choke and kill line pin-ends
  • Setting and retrieval tools
  • Running tools
  • TTRD tools
  • Drag blocks
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