AluTec® 29210

Al-Si alloy, Aluminum 12% silicon alloy powder widely used to repair worn aluminum or magnesium parts.

AluTec 29210 is an atomized Aluminum - Silicon alloy powder suitable for coating application using combustion thermal spray equipment such as the TeroDyn® 2000 or TeroDyn 3000 Systems. It can be used for corrosion control on steel structures and duct work and pipes. It can be used instead of 29220 where a machined fi nish and higher hardness are desired for dimensional restoration of aluminum and magnesium parts. 29210 is not self bonding. It requires an SSPC 5 blast fi nish using an angular aluminum oxide or chilled iron grit. A 24 to 40 grit size is usually capable of producing the 1 - 3 mil blast profi le which is required for good mechanical bonding to the base material (a nickel alloy bond coat could be used if desired). Avoid use in strong Acids or Caustics. For best results seal coating with SealTec ®-LT or RotoGuard ® Solution Finish by machining.

Shafts, Casings, Pumps, Blower housings
Technical data: 
Typical hardness90 HRH
Service temperature (max.)500ºF (260ºC)