With our customers we co-operate in common projects in a very strong partnership. Together we analyse process requirements and look for the most economical solution to prolong the lifetime of machinery through efficient solutions. Besides repair procedures and wear protection measures for your equipment, we can also develop new production processes.

Our excellent in-depth expertise in protection, repair and joining solutions is based on more than 100 patents worldwide.

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We’re present in over 100 countries on all 5 continents.

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New Materials

Developing new materials using cutting-edge technology

Our goals through Development & Innovation are to bring new and INNOVATIVE SOLUTIONS to the market in order to respond to customer needs. The core development themes are:
understanding wear, developing materials and optimal microstructures together with the latest processes.

Owing to their daily contact with customers, our technical experts are focussed on solving practical problems.

Our R&D is decentralised involving: France, Ireland, Italy, Poland, Austria, Switzerland, USA, Canada, Japan, India and Brazil. This modern R&D structure and progressive communication means that excellent researchers around the globe can be fully utilised.

As a result, during the last decades our researchers have developed numerous new alloys, equipment and processes, using the most modern technologies such as: NanoAlloy®, patented boiler coating non-magnetic alloys, PTA torches, TeroLink® applications software.

Our answer to customer
problems consists of:

  • 700 sales staff with technical degrees
  • Core team of 30 development people employed in 12 countries
  • 4-5 patent applications per year, as well as 9 PhDs working on various projects


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New Products

Solutions tailored to customer needs

All of Castolin Eutectic's requests and ideas for new products come either directly from customers, or as a result of having close customer contact and understanding customer needs.

More and more customers are looking for environmentally friendly products, as well as to reduce their production cost through the use of automation. During the last years, Castolin Eutectic has developed many new products in response to these needs. Additionally, we continue to invest in our production capabilities, quality, and increasing our product depth. This is contrary to many competitors in Europe that are increasingly closing production plants.


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New Processes

Optimising processes

The solution to a wear or joining problem requires not only the existence of outstanding products, but also deep knowledge of how to use those materials and equipment in an optimal way. Optimisation of the processing parameters for a particular application is critical for success. Castolin Eutectic invests in deeply understanding its processes and recording the various process steps in its Method Statements.


Our application specialists partner you by:

  • Detailed analysis of technical requirements, actual lifetimes, maintenance measures, wear mechanisms and the tribological systems
  • Finding and developing the best solution using our unique knowledge database TeroLink® with more than 9,000 applications and with a strong focus on cost saving
  • Demonstrations and training
  • Providing method statements, i.e. welding, brazing or coating procedures, to ensure repeatable quality and success

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Case Studies

Bringing theory to reality

An innovative product alone will not always solve a problem and many extraordinary developments have stayed in the laboratory because the "implementation step" was missing. Castolin Eutectic's practical approach has allowed many impossible solutions to be realised.

  • Nanotechnology
  • Hardbanding solutions
  • Spray & Fuse boiler repair
  • 2222 - Kiln tyre repair


One of our innovations is in the field of nanotechnology. Although it is constantly being hailed as the driving force for the future, nanotechnology remains very expensive and is found mainly in the fields of biomedical, electronics, communications, etc.

Castolin Eutectic has been able to convert this laboratory-scale material into an affordable welding product and traditional industrial customers have been surprised that they can already benefit today from this
new science with a NanoAlloy® range including:

  • welding and brazing consumables
  • wearplates
  • CastoTubes®
  • and powders.

Hardbanding solutions for the Oil & Gas industry

Every year, extensive wear on casing and drilling tool joints costs the Oil & Gas Industry millions.

Our answer to this growing problem is the development of the OTW-12Ti alloy. This alloy has been formulated to confer optimum hardbanding wear resistance in open hole drilling situations, whilst retaining “casing friendly” properties.

OTW-12Ti is a gas shielded flux-metal cored welding wire specifically developed for
Hardbanding drilling tool joint applications.
Its peripheric arc characteristics ensure:

  • lower heat input
  • reduced dilution
  • better bonding
  • shallow heat affected zone
  • and minimal undercutting.

Industry proven Spray & Fuse alloys for Boiler repair

Castolin Eutectic was amongst one of the first companies to recognise and offer nickel-based self-fluxing alloys as a wear and corrosion resistant coating for boiler tubes in the 1980s and have developed a considerable reputation and experience with these alloys.

A novel high molybdenum, high silicon alloy, was developed and patented for severe corrosive environments.

This solution combines the inherent properties of such fused coatings (such as diffusion bonding, zero through porosity) with improved performance over even welded 625 type alloys.

2222 - Kiln tyre repair

The kiln tyre in the cement and other processing industries is a critical component that supports a rotating kiln. If it cracks, the plant comes to a standstill. It was thought to be impossible to repair effectively on site, due to the size of the part and steel type. Castolin Eutectic have developed a legendary alloy, XuperNucleoTec 2222, and a procedure which actually improves the reliability of the part after repair.