Pulp & Paper Industry: PTA Repair and Rebuild of Screw Press

Eutectic Canada recently completed the manual PTA finishing of a stainless steel feed screw for a large OEM supplier of these parts. The screw is used to compress the pulp and separate liquids from solids by expelling the liquids through a screen that surrounds the compression screw.

Due to the high pressure, the friction wore the carrying face and the body of the screw. The customer provided a test screw to our Eutectic Services team to use as a test vehicle on an automated turning device –equipment designed and constructed by Eutectic Canada employees. Given the success of the application, the Eutectic Services team at Eutectic Canada was awarded the job.

Our maintenance experts rebuilt the worn part in our workshop with stainless steel and coated the carrying face, edges and body on the high compression side of the press screw using a PTA powder with tungsten carbide. This application will increase resistance to future abrasion, erosion and impact and extend the lifetime of the part.

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