Made in Canada: new wearfacing Chromium-Free Wire

Castolin Eutectic brings you the hardest wire with no hazardous chromium by-products: BoroTec 600 Chrome-Free. This wearfacing wire is ideal to repair equipment in the cement, construction, quarrying, asphalt, mining and dredging industries. It can be used in a wide range of steel components subject to severe abrasion or erosion by mineral particles, sand, rocks and gravel.

BoroTec 600 Cr-Free is engineered with boron carbides and is an excellent “green” replacement for standard chromium-carbide hardfacing wires. It offers a deposit efficiency of 90% and provides abrasive and erosive wear resistance superior to chromium carbide (60-65 HRC) without exposing the welder to toxic hexavalent chromium fumes.

If you need to comply with OSHA regulations (1910.1026, 1915.1026 and 1926.1126) or simply want to avoid exposure to chromium in your next welding project, please contact us at 800.361.9439. BoroTec 600 Chrome Free hardfacing wire is available in 1.2 and 1.6 mm. diameters (0.045” and 1/16”).

Proudly made in Canada.