New Line of Xuper High Deposition (XHD) Powdered Alloys

With the installation of the new high-pressure gas atomizer, Eutectic Canada broadens its product offer and launches an innovative line of highly specialized powders: the XHD powders.

The XHD powder lineup are nickel-based, self-fluxing powders specifically developed for use with PTA, Laser and Thermal Spray equipment. These powders are manufactured using the latest gas atomization process, producing perfectly spherical particles that result in high density, porosity-free deposits. The ultra-high pressure capability of the gas atomizer allows the production of powders in the finest particle sizing.

The unique alloy properties feature reduced heat input with higher deposition rates. These features provide outstanding benefits:

  • Increased productivity
  • Reduced energy, powder and labor costs
  • Low dilution and minimal HAZ
  • Less part distortion
  • Reduced carbide loss and degradation
  • Reduced cracking

The refined particle size also guarantees consistent powder quality and maximum integrity of the coating properties. These advanced thermal spray powders are engineered for the protection and restoration of high wear parts and can be used for many applications across a wide spectrum of industries.

Additional benefits of buying XHD Powders made in Canada:

  • Reduced costs and risks of buying overseas
  • Strict quality controls guarantee you have the best product in the market
  • Decreased transportation costs and lead time on deliveries
  • Improved on-time response

Please contact your Technical Sales Representative for more details on how XHD powders can save you time and money.