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Our Welding Consumables Products

The following samples from Eutectic's exclusive range of welding, brazing and coating products illustrate a selection of maintenance, repair, joining and fabrication solutions. If your required product is not listed below, please contact us.  

EnDOTec® DO*02
For build-up and joining dissimilar steels. Excellent as a tough cushion layer before hardfacing.
EnDOTec® DO*04
For anti-wear protective coating of parts subjected to metal-metal friction, cavitation, corrosion and high-temperature oxidation.
EnDOTec® DO*05
For build-up and wearfacing of rolling parts subject to pressure, metal to metal wear, and severe impact.
EnDOTec® DO*10
For grinding abrasion and moderate impact.
EnDOTec® DO*11
For demanding abrasion, erosion and corrosion conditions. Features a high WC content in a tough, hard nickel alloy.
EnDOTec® DO*14
Provides a balanced resistance to combined impact and abrasion.
EnDOTec® DO*15
Provides resistance to low pressure impact and abrasion.
EnDOTec® DO*23
For low-heat-input semi-automatic joining, rebuilding and anti-wear protective coating of cast iron
EnDOTec® DO*29S
For joining and anti-corrosion coating of low carbon CrNiMo stainless steels
EnDOTec® DO*33
Specifically designed for anti-wear protective coatings on parts such as dust-extractor fan blades, hot screens, furnace retorts.
EnDOTec® DO*60
For anti-wear protective coating of parts such as valve shutters, conveyor screws for food and chemical industries.
EnDOTec® DO*68S
Universal, high-strength, joining Cored Wire for use on difficult to weld steels
EnDOTec® DO*80
For anti-wear protective coatings on parts such as hot cutting blades, stripper points, and forging tools.
EnDOTec® DO*201
Iron based aloy for general build-up and as a cushion layer for subsequent hardfacing .
EnDOTec® DO*266S
Seamless flux cored wire. For general purpose use. Excellent out-of-position weldability.
EnDOTec® DO*270
Seamless metal cored wire. General purpose use. Slag free deposits make it ideal for fabrication.
EnDOTec® DO*271S
Seamless flux cored wire. Exceptional low temp. mechanical properties and out-of-position weldability.
EnDOTec® DO*275
Seamless metal cored wire. High strength and tough deposit . Can be used for joining or build-up applications.
EnDOTec® DO*327
Unique metal cored alloy wire, ideal for both extreme abrasion and heavy impact and/or pressure.
EnDOTec® DO*345S
Flux cored wire with excellent out-of-position weldability featuring fine multi carbides in a martensitic matrix.
EnDOTec® DO*390N
Premium metal cored wire featuring ultra fine grain structures and a high volume of ultra hard particles.
EnDOTec® DO*495
Ni-Cr-B-Si-Fe alloy, provides resistance to abrasion and erosion (similar to 16495 PTA powder)
EnDOTec® DO*611
For demanding abrasion, erosion and corrosion conditions. Features a high macro crystalline WC content in a tough, hard nickel alloy.
TigTectic® 21
Versatile, quality TIG Rods for maintenance and production welding of wrought and cast aluminum alloy. Grades 1xxx, 3xxx, & 4xxx
TigTectic® 23
For fabrications involving 5xxx series alloys. Where good strength and improved anodized color match are required
TigTectic® 182
Copper based alloy with controlled amount of silicon
TigTectic® 222
High nickel alloy with optimized mechanical properties for joining dissimilar steels. Tolerant to thermal cycling
TigTectic® 224
High nickel alloy for the repair of gray cast iron and for joining castings to steel.
TigTectic® 66
High quality TIG Rod with surface protection used for welding low to medum carbon and low-alloy steels
TigTectic® 680
Highly alloyed rod for high strength joining of tools and dies, dissimilar high strength alloy and spring steels