Our Plasma Non Transferred Arc Powders Products

The following samples from Eutectic's exclusive range of welding, brazing and coating products illustrate a selection of maintenance, repair, joining and fabrication solutions. If your required product is not listed below, please contact us.  

Thermotec 18917F
Ni-Cu alloy, nickel based coating with excellent corrosion resistance in sea water.
Thermotec 18923
Ni-Cr alloy. Coatings are resistant to oxidation and corrosion at high temperatures.
Thermotec 18930
Ni-Cr alloy. Coarser version of Thermotec 18923. High temperature oxidation and corrosion resistance.
Thermotec 18995
Ni-Al alloy, used as a bond coat for two-step powders
Thermotec 18997
Ni-Mo-Fe-Ti-Si-W alloy, nickel-base alloy used for build-up. Offers the best combination of resistance to oxidation and corrosion.