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Almost a century at the forefront of protective materials technology has positioned Castolin Eutectic as the world's premier industrial partner. Our comprehensive know-how is unrivalled, and our industry partnerships continue to thrive. By conducting a site survey at your plant, we can show you the potential cost-savings to be made.

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We’re present in over 100 countries on all 5 continents.

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Working with all major car manufacturers

Castolin Eutectic is working with all major worldwide manufacturers enabling them to meet their goals. Whether on the production line, rebuilding dies, or providing innovative joining and wear solutions for transmission, body, or engine parts in the finished vehicle, enormous cost-savings are being achieved.


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Tool & Die

Cost-effective repairs

Tool and die steels have to withstand severe impact and wear during service, whilst maintaining their exact dimensional tolerances for many thousands of parts. Consequently, the steels are usually complex in their manufacturing and very sensitive. The ability to flexibly, reliably and cost-effectively repair cracked sections, renovate worn areas, or make slight geometric modifications highlights Castolin Eutectic's reputation as specialists in the Tool & Die and associated industries.

In addition to our current specialist range of products and technologies, research and development projects in several countries allow Castolin Eutectic to now offer the latest laser welding and Plasma Transferred Arc solutions.


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A major advance in glass container manufacture

We provide a wide range of powders for a flexible, modular system specially developed for surface coating applications in the glass industry. The SUPERJET - S - EUTALLOY delivery system ensures enhanced quality deposits owing to its consistent service performance using long life parts for highest operational safety. The rapid shut-off trigger, protective heat shield, low weight and advanced ergonomic design promote both fast deposition speeds for series production and on-the-spot repairs. This universal system is a must for all workshops dealing with applications requiring great precision,
both along a path and for a desired thickness.


For more information please download our GlassTec Brochure


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Oil Components

What is Hardbanding?

Hardbanding is a very established name for the wearfacing welding process used in drilling to minimize wear on casing and drilling tool joints in order to reduce operational costs associated with Oil & Gas production. It involves the application of a wearfacing material on the drill tool joint. The process is performed by approved hardbanding applicators for OEM drill pipe producers and drilling companies.

Trio OilTec Services have executed hardbanding in the Norwegian market for more than 8 years. Due to excellent co-operation between Trio OilTec Services and StatoilHydro, there has been a very successful development and use of new, innovative alloys such as OTW-12Ti, OTW-16XS wires and also special coating (MX5). Today StatoilHydro approves OTW-12Ti, OTW-16XS and the MX5 coating for drilling. Trio also possesses its own dedicated Hardbanding Wear Test Machine and full-scale automated Hardbanding welding facilities. With Trio's integration into the global Castolin Eutectic organisation, an extension of its product offer outside of Norway has been achieved.


NEW hardbanding website

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Wearplate Constructions

State-of-the-art in heavy machinery construction

CDP® can be worked almost like any other construction steel, with very few limitations. Cutting, for example, can be performed by plasma, water jet, or laser. Joining can be achieved through welding, bolting, etc.

Castolin Eutectic manufactures complete finished solutions ready for immediate installation in accordance with your engineering specifications and to suit your individual requirements. Even sophisticated designs can be realised with CDP® and CastoTubes®.


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Prepared Parts

Providing you with critical parts

Part of our offer to OEMs is to supply finished or semi-finished prepared parts, that can easily be integrated into a complete new machine offered by the OEM and also be available as spare parts or upgrade parts. The vast majority of our OEM Prepared Parts are critical parts that are subjected to wear, where the OEM needs an optimal wear solution.

The Prepared Parts that we currently offer to our OEM customers vary widely in terms of size, quantity and technology for depositing the wear protection coating, including welding, thermal spray, PTA, wearplate and brazing. Some parts have become semi standard due to their success and these include feeders, screws and housings. These Prepared Parts are also used in a wide range of industries.


  • Feeders
  • Screws
  • Housings


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Rotary feeders are used in many industries for the transport of flowing powders, grain, particles etc. When the transport medium is very hard and abrasive then substantial wear can occur in the feeder particularly in the housing and rotor. Such transported medium includes fly ash from powder stations, pulverised coal, clinker in the cement industry, sinter from the steel industry and here these particles are very abrasive. Castolin Eutectic have used their experience in repairing and extending the life of these feeders to now offer a complete refurbished feeder of the shelf. This incorporates a patented fused wearplate on the contact surfaces, which is smooth, crack and corrosion resistant and contains superhard Tungsten Carbide for superior wear resistance.


Screws are one of the key engineering components used in process industries today. They are used to transport material, to compress it, to remove water from it, separate materials, inject plastics, etc. Screws range vastly in size, shape and construction. Consequently, Castolin Eutectic have developed over the decades a vast range of solutions for coating and protecting the critical surfaces of the screw profile and also their associated housings. Today we offer protection solutions based on the following technologies: wearplate, PTA, HVOF, Spray & Fuse, brazing, weld overlay, polymers and composites. With our range of consumables and related equipment we can guarantee an optimum coating quality and our automation expertise assures flexibility and reproducibility. Castolin Eutectic offers either coated screws to its OEMs or fully automated coating equipment and everything between.


In our CastoLabs® we have all the necessary tools and know-how to design and manufacture specialist housings with integrated wear protection for a vast range of industries. Our unique advantage is that we manufacture the CDP® wearplate used either as the structural element of the housing, or as a lining attached to the housing. These wear protected sheet metal plates are then cut with either CNC plasma, oxyfuel or waterjet in our our facilities to complex shapes, before being rolled and welded into the complex designs specified by our customers. Castolin Eutectic has the widest range of CDP® wearplates in the industry and our CDP® expert engineers work closely with OEMs to provide complete housings in a variety of sizes and shapes.