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Our Manufacturing Capabilities

As a manufacturing company, Castolin Eutectic continues to invest in its production capabilities, its quality and increasing its product depth. During the last decade we have expanded drastically our production capabilities geographically and technically. To meet your specific local demands we have developed production centres in most major countries including Canada, USA, Japan, France, Ireland, Italy, Poland, South Africa, China, Russia and Mexico. Being local allows shorter delivery times and optimisation to local needs.

Welding consumables
Coating consumables
Brazing consumables
Coated parts


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Welding consumables

Investing in the world´s most sophisticated production technology

Although many companies have outsourced their production, or are simply reselling electrodes and wires, Castolin Eutectic is dedicated to keeping the production in-house. We are producing our welding consumables with new high-technology production equipment. By developing and producing our own products, we are able to control the quality of every step in the production process. However, this is not enough for us, we are also strictly controlling and testing each batch. Castolin Eutectic uses only high quality raw materials, with high-technology equipment controlled by experts of the welding consumables production.

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Coating consumables

World’s most advanced powder atomisation plant

We have been working with the leading edge of powder production specialists to create the world's most advanced gas atomisation plant. The main Castolin Eutectic R & D centre for powder coating alloys is in Dublin. Every single stage of powder production - from raw material selection passing via ingredient preparations and through the atomisation process to the final sieving operations - is subject to stringent quality assurance procedures. CEIL is ISO 9001 : 2008 certified.

Additionally, by having our own production in Europe and NAFTA, we are able to adapt our products to the needs of the customers and get the product to any address in Europe or NAFTA within 24 hours if needed.

For more information please download our
Ireland Production Facility Brochure.
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Brazing consumables

Flexibility and OEM standards

Castolin Eutectic has been producing soldering and brazing products for over 100 years. Today, we have some of the most modern production equipment available. Although many companies have outsourced their production, or are simply reselling soldering and brazing products, we are dedicated to keeping the production in-house. By having a wide range of products made in-house, Castolin Eutectic is able to offer excellent service and technical support to its customers. By developing and producing our own products, we are able to control the quality of every step in the production process. Castolin Eutectic uses only high quality raw materials. Every batch is strictly controlled and tested.


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Precision design & manufacturing

With a constant customer service focus, Castolin Eutectic is not only the best consumables producer worldwide, but has also expanded its production capacities with a brand new high-tech equipment manufacturing plant.

Latest technologies, such as MIG pulse synergic, heavy duty TIG and fully automated PTA systems, are designed and made in-house. This provides us with an incomparable competitive advantage: we are now able to offer the highest consumables quality in conjunction with a dedicated innovative equipment range to give optimal solutions.


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CDP® Wearplates & CastoTubes®

World´s largest global producer

Castolin Eutectic develops, manufactures and markets ready-to-use wear plates and tubes under the brand name Castodur Diamond Plates® (CDP) and CastoTubes®. These composite materials consist of a steel plate overlaid with wear-resistant deposits by means of welding or metal powder coating, and provide exceptional protection against erosion, abrasion and impact. Particularly aimed at complex part-geometry, the material can be cut, bent, and welded.

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The CDP® production units use the latest robotised manufacturing technologies and vacuum fusing, ensuring the highest degree of process stability, regularity of anti-wear characteristics and surface finish. Thousands of successful applications - documented in our applications data bank TeroLink® - prove that CDP® coatings increase the service life of wear parts and production machinery, reduce maintenance costs, downtime, and improve economic efficiency of maintenance works.

For more information please download our CDP® Brochure.

or our CastoTubes® Brochure.

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Coated parts

Producing wearfaced prepared parts

Thousands of customers have already made the choice to let us develop special parts for them on a regular basis. By using anti-wear technologies many partners are improving drastically their production processes, or providing outstanding durable parts to their customers. In fact, this is one of the main Castolin Services specialties, repairing or producing wearfaced prepared parts in a unique manufacturing environment, from 10s of pieces to 100,000 pieces per year.

The usual automated systems, QC, logistics requirements of a specialist supplier are part of our culture. Our broad product range and available processes allow tailoring of the solution to the client’s needs.


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