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For over 100 years, Castolin Eutectic has been a pioneer and leader in wear and fusion technologies. Welding, brazing, thermal spray and wear plates - these are our core technologies for providing innovative, cost effective, and complete solutions for prolonging the service life of equipment in the Cement industry.

Based upon hundreds of successful applications approved by our clients across the globe, Castolin Eutectic can provide optimised solutions with a wide range of products and technologies to combat specific wear in Cement plants. Castolin Eutectic has a detailed understanding of every major wear problem within the Cement industry, and can provide industry-tested application solutions. Our know-how is shared worldwide through our international CemTec team, composed of specialists in cement production process applications. The forces that pull our extensive know-how together around the world are our Key Industry Program and our unique TeroLink® applications database.


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Specifically adapted for the Cement industry

Wear plates and tubes: Castolin Eutectic develops, manufactures and markets ready-to-use wear plates and tubes under the brand name Castodur Diamond Plates® (CDP) and CastoTubes® . A successful application with CDP® in the Cement industry is the wear protection of fans against the hot and dust laden fumes produced in the furnace.

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EuTronic® Arc Spray System: EuTronic Arc is the highest productivity thermal spraying process. This is an Arc Spray Process using a pair of wires which are melted by an electric arc. The molten material is atomised by compressed gas and propelled towards the workpiece to form a coating. Low running costs, high spray rates and efficiency make it a good tool for spraying extensive areas, or a large number of parts.

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EnDOtec® and TeroMatec® cored wires: EnDOtec® is a gas shielded metal arc welding process (GMAW) using specially formulated cored wires which provide industry with wear protection, repair and joining solutions. TeroMatec® is a self shielded arc welding process (Open Arc/FCAW) using specially formulated flux cored wire electrodes.

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Solutions for the Cement industry

Castolin Eutectic is your resource for protection, wear and joining solutions. We believe in working with our customers to find the best answer to ther problems. Experts in wear problems, we can provide solutions for:

  • Manufacture of new finished and semi-finished parts
  • Rebuilding of worn parts
  • Protection against wear and corrosion
  • Fusion technology
  • Repair of broken parts


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Applications from our casebook TeroLink®

The unique applications database of Castolin Eutectic

Our reputation in handling new challenges quickly and efficiently has been enhanced by the development of our unique and comprehensive computer database of solutions, TeroLink®.

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