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Castolin Services

We have the know-how to do the job right the first time, on time

Castolin Eutectic understands that many customers prefer to focus on their core activities and choose to subcontract their maintenance work, especially in periods of peak demand or during emergency shutdowns. In response to the changing needs of our customers, we have greatly expanded our network of specialty Castolin Services workshops to provide "turn-key" maintenance solutions.

Our large and well trained permanent team of technical specialists ensures rapid response and high quality workmanship. We can either do the work on-site or in our Castolin Services workshops. Castolin Eutectic has general purpose facilities in most countries. For example, we can handle individual work-pieces weighing up to 100 tons in our main Steel Industry workshops in Belgium.

We have particular expertise in the following industries: Steel, Cement, Recycling, Oil well drilling, Mining, Glass, Pulp and Paper, Automobile, Tool and Die, Dredging.


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Our Focus Applications

Significantly increasing wear life of critical components

  • Billets & moulds
  • Sinter Crusher
  • Concrete mixer
  • Wear Strips
  • Wear Sliding Strips
  • HD8 coating
  • Protective coatings for fans


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XuperCoat, the highest protection technology for moulds

In the production and processing of steel, the ConCast copper mould surfaces are subject to extreme operating conditions which have a direct influence on the quality of the product manufactured. Using the unique XuperCOAT coating, the surface is protected from wear and corrosion at high temperatures. The improved wear resistance results in longer campaign in exchanging moulds, which ensures higher availability and quality throughput. Moreover, the protection provided by the XuperCOAT provides longer life of the copper plates, thus saving costs and reducing maintenance online and offline.

  • Low coefficient of friction
  • Good thermal conductivity
  • Highest hardness and wear performance
  • XuperCOAT process does not affecting the base material properties
  • Small diameter intermal coating is now possible with the proven XuperCOAT process


Unique ɛ3 techology

ɛ3 is a legally protected solution specifically developed for improving steel sinter crusher productivity and service life. This solution has been originated after 4 years of tests made in laboratory as well as on real working conditions. It is based on a unique Castolin high temperature wear resistant alloy that offer extreme resistance even when impact and abrasion are present. ɛ3 is particularly suitable for protecting the most critical sinter crusher parts such as the rotor discs, teeth and breaker bars.

In addition to increase part service life, ɛ3 allows you:
  • to reduce frequent sinter crusher maintenance and plant shutdowns
  • to keep higher crusher productivity by preserving teeth shape
  • to reduce the purchasing costs of new parts
  • to avoid using complex water cooled breaker bars.


For more information, please download our Sinter Crusher Brochure

Reduce your operating costs

The construction industry increasingly requires the production of homogeneous quality, ready-mixed concrete from ever-faster mixing cycles, particularly for precast / prestressed concrete.

  • Castodur Diamond Carbide (CDC®) significantly cuts your costs with up to six times better performance than conventional parts.
  • A full catalogue of around 300 CDC® parts.
  • CDC® parts compatible with over 20 mixer brands.
  • CDC® parts supplied with fixing systems Internationally recognised expertise in providing best CDC® protective solutions against premature wear of parts.

High abrasion resistant Wear Strips for equipment protection

WS are a composite material made with mild steel and coated with a thick wear resistant alloy specifically designed to sustain high abrasion. Experience shows that compared to hardened plates, WS resist wear several times better. This allows customers not only to reduce cost and maintenance time but also to decrease the weight of their buckets by using our lighter solution. This finally improves overall production efficiency. WS are today commonly used to protect earth moving machines buckets, shovels and dump truck boxes. They can easily be bent in order to fit the part profile and welded on the area in contact with the soil.


For more information, please download our Wear Strips flyer

Wear Sliding Strips for moving parts

Drag chain conveyors are ideal to carry material such as for instance wood, coal, lime or waste when a change in elevation is required and throughout very long distances. Unfortunately, the abrasive nature of the transported material negatively affects the equipment service life by: wearing-out the conveyor surface and increasing the forces required to pull the chain. Most of the time, high wear appears on the chain path. As a result, the surface is not smooth anymore, forces increase, chain is damaged and parts must regularly be replaced to avoid equipment failure.

WSS for drag chain conveyors: Since many years within Castolin, we protect our customers’ conveyors surfaces with our well-known CDP wearplates. Premium polished CDP were also installed when a low friction surface was required. Today, based on a similar concept, we offer the easy-to-install WSS that protect chain path against severe abrasion and friction. WSS are a composite material made with mild steel and a specific high wear resistant alloy with low friction coefficient. In order to ensure good sliding properties and reduce the chain conveyor energy consumption, the strip surface is polished. As a result, our strips are at least least 4 times more resistant than a traditional hardened steel. The surface remains smoother for a longer period of time which eventually also reduces the chain damage.


For more information, please download our Wear Strips flyer

HD8 High performance coating

HD8 is an extremely wear-resistant coating made with an innovative, high-deposition welding technique. This coating has been specifically developed by our engineers in Castolin Services who aimed to get a very high density of tungsten carbides homogeneously distributed within a nickel-based matrix at high deposition rates.The critical parameters of the process, in particular the temperature, are automatically controlled in order to avoid severe carbide dissolution as it may happen in standard welding techniques. Furthermore, the coating is optimized with a low dilution and consequently the overlay chemistry is not negatively affected by the base material. The wear resistance is far superior than steel hardened plates or usual chromium carbide wearplates as it is measured with ASTM G65 test.


For more information, please download our HD8 coating flyer

Protective coatings for industrial fans

Large fans are commonly used to provide significant quantities of air needed for operating industrial processes. Coal and lignite fired power plants, cement, metal or woodchip manufacturing are just a few examples of industries that require homogeneous and reliable airflows. When particles are present in the air stream, they relentlessly wearout the fan surfaces. This wear is present both when they are very fine, for example when conveying fumes, as well as when large particulate matter such as wood chips are transported. Impeller blades are the worst attacked components and, once they are worn-out, the resulting geometrical alteration can lead to dramatic drops in efficiency. Furthermore, balancing problems may appear which will affect ancillary equipment service life. As a result, operational conditions are changed; energy and maintenance costs increase and unplanned plant downtimes may be needed.


For more information, please download our Protective coatings for industrial fans flyer

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On-site Services

We are flexible

Depending on your request, the job can be undertaken in our own facilities, as well as at your plant. When your machinery is too large to be moved - for example, a large and expensive boiler, a vertical roller mill, a large presses – our Castolin Services maintenance experts will visit your premises to solve the problem on-site.

We are also able to handle the repair of major parts, for example individual work-pieces weighing up to 100 tons, and have successfully completed the on-site repair of vertical roller mills and kiln tyres in the cement industry, worldwide. Wearfacing projects like boiler coatings or large wearplate constructions are also part of our everyday work.


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Coated Parts Production

Replacement components to maximise machinery service life

Castolin Eutectic also produces wear-resistant components to replace worn Original Equipment Manufacturers' parts. Based on our vast wear know how, these replacement components offer a significant wear-life improvement over the OEM parts. These longer-lasting parts permit plants to operate for significantly longer between shutdowns, with major cost savings in downtime, spare parts and plant efficiency.

Our Castolin Services workshops have developed specific capabilities essential for ensuring the correct quality in terms of dimensions, tolerances and wear-resistance. Our procedures and equipment allow us to apply the ideal Castolin product to a range of components and also from single parts to 100,000 pieces per year.


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Repair, rebuild & wearface

What we do best

Emergency repair: when an unforeseen emergency stops or limits your production, we have extensive experience to repair your parts in the shortest possible delay.

Standard repairs: cracks, breakage and wear can also cause leakages and losses of efficiency. In such instances, well documented repair procedures can be applied in a planned intervention on your parts.

Rebuilding dimensions: dimensional losses can cause vibration, noise and risk of damage to moving equipment. Our coating technologies are used to rebuild your equipment to original dimensions.


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Wearfacing applications: preventive coating technology can be used to protect your parts from abrasion, erosion, corrosion, cavitation and adhesive wear. Wearfaced parts offer significantly enhanced service lifetimes.

Special joining: advances in metallurgical alloy development continuously offer improved performances and lifetime, but frequently with corresponding difficulty to join these metals. Our extensive applications knowledge can help you assemble these difficult to join materials.

Preventive coatings: are frequently applied on large surfaces in order to protect them from combinations of corrosion, erosion and abrasion.

Machine overhaul: including rebuilding dimensional tolerances, assembly re-alignment, incorporation of wearfaced surfaces and exchange of spare parts can be done in some of our specialized facilities.

Failure analysis: development of the optimal application for your problems starts with the proper analysis of the wear mechanisms involved.


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Engineering & Machining

Unrivalled engineers & extensive know-how

Castolin Eutectic employs many engineers and technicians who are solely focused on solving your technical problems. Depending on workshop location, our engineers are able to design wearfacing protection into your parts, which means the easiest way for you to exploit life prolonging technology on your parts.

A variety of machining, milling, grinding, forming and shaping services are available.


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What about norms?

Complying with latest ISO standards

In most countries around the world norms have been established for all types of materials and processes. These norms are needed for health and safety, as well as to establish certain mechanical and chemical properties. Castolin Eutectic is a supporter of norms and complies with norms such as EN Norms, DIN Norms, ISO Norms. Trio workhop in Norway is now ACHILLES approved. While flexibility is key for helping our customers, efficiency and lead-time are always in our focus. The culture of continuous improvement is rooted in our staff and founded on the 5S programs running in our workshops. However, we would like to point out that, although norms are needed, not all products with the same norm are created equal. Castolin Eutectic has exceeded the industry norms for years in our demands for performance and security.


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