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July 31, 2023

Castolin Eutectic releases upgraded Arc Spray Machine with lightweight & slim inverter


Castolin Eutectic is pleased to announce the launch of its latest innovation, the EuTronic Arc Spray EAS1-i equipment, available on the market from September 2023. More energy-efficient, this upgraded equipment offers enhanced coating performance in compact size, which allows for easy maneuverability and improved portability. This is an addition to our arc spray portfolio, which includes the EAS4-HFH transformer. 

Key features include:

  • Computerized controlled circuit and intuitive software, ensuring precise and efficient operation
  • Reliable Push Pull system that enables spraying up to 20m in all positions, providing flexibility 
  • Quick and easy switching between closed loop and open loop spraying, allowing for seamless transitions and increased productivity
  • Air-cooled contact tubes with wear-resistant tips
  • Double grooved feed rollers for longer service life, reducing maintenance requirements and costs

The EAS1-i was developed to improve running costs, coating deposition and ease of maintenance. The Arc Gun and the drive system are coupled to a 350 A power source. This power source features sealed electronics for excellent reliability in the harshest of spray environments. The wire feeder unit is neatly mounted on the power source. There is no motor in the gun. Instead, the Gun uses a patented ‘Synchrodrive’ system, where a single, sealed motor with a flexible drive arrangement, powers a reliable, positive drive push / pull up to a distance of 20 m. 

  • Sealed 350 A power source for reliability.
  • 1.6mm wires standard. From 2.0mm to 2.5mm optional.
  • Air-cooled cables for low weight.
  • Excellent gun manoeuvrability.
  • 5 m supplies package standard. Optional 10 m, 20 m.
  • Easy to maintain for lower downtime costs.
  • Wire spool, coil and drum feeder option capabilities.
  • Doublegrooved feed rollers can be reversed for improved wear life.
  • Standard input voltage 380 V or 460 V or 575 V.

 The Gun design has been upgraded with screw-in tips for ease of replacement. The redesigned air concentrator together with the front wire guide facilitate significant efficiency gains.


Typical applications:

  • Anti-wear coatings.
  • Bridges (concrete and steel).
  • Cement works.
  • Engineering bond coats.
  • Mining.
  • Offshore/oil & gas.
  • Pulp and paper.
  • Steel works.
  • Shipbuilding/ marine.
  • Structural steelwork.
  • Thermal power plants.
  • Vessels and enclosures.
  • Waste and recycling.
  • Wind turbine towers, fences.

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