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May 9, 2024

Breaking the Cycle of Frequent Repairs: A New Approach to Auger Flight Durability


The Challenge

Auger flights faced rapid wear and tear from intense abrasion by pulp and woodchips, needing refurbishing every 7 to 10 months. This wear was due to the use of AR450 material and a competitor’s hardfacing on the front edge, leading to high maintenance costs.

The Solution

Our Wear Management Team introduced a cutting-edge solution involving a mix of technologies. By leveraging wear-mapping, we produced a new screw with CDP spiral engineered flights, tungsten carbide hardfacing on the shaft and edges, and a final encapsulation with a MeCaTeC polymer coating known for its resistance to high heat and extreme abrasion.

The Outcome

The new screw was installed without delay, boasting a service life extension from the usual 7-10 months to an impressive 24-28 months. This success has not only optimized output and part performance for our customer, but it also contributed to sustainability efforts by reducing the carbon footprint.


“Castolin Eutectic’s CDP wear plate and its proprietary hardfacing overlay technology have performed beyond any other competitor’s products that we’ve tried in the past. The company introduced us to custom engineered solutions that have exceeded the higher-than-expected life cycles within our mill.” Maintenance Planning Manager - Forest industry

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