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June 5, 2014

NEW EnDOtec Seamless SCW Range “Solid Cored Wires”

351 DO in the wire feeder

  • Low heat input peripheral arc characteristics
  • Reduced roller pressures & wire deformation / crushing risks
  • Improved service life of torch contact tips
  • Lower risk of lack of fusion defects
  • Virtually zero moisture pick-up on wire in humid conditions
  • Minimal solid residues accumulation in lining / torch
  • Cleanest wire surface condition after drawing
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EnDOtec DO*257: Joining and build up of modern low alloy, high tensile construction steels

Special Features:

  • Concave weld profile in fillet joints.
  • Elimination of bonding defects and sticking.
  • Good resistance to impact at sub zero temperatures
  • Welds with very low diffusible hydrogen content

EnDOtec DO*310: Ideal for rebuilding worn cast steel sections, medium carbon steel parts and buttering layers for wearfacing applications

Special Features:

  • Good resistance to compression and plastic deformation.
  • Multi-pass deposit capability.
  • Dense, magnetic deposit.
  • Readily machinable with cutting tools

EnDOtec DO*351: High alloy Cr-Si-C steel for wear protective coatings to resist impact, adhesion (metal-metal friction) and abrasion

Main Application:

  • Forgeable deposit can be eat-treated or nitrided.
  • Thermal shock resistance.
  • Air hardening weld coatings
  • Crack resistant wearfacing deposits
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