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December 21, 2011

Did you know? We created the “Conservationist Award” in 1973


Castolin Eutectic's fundamental concept of repairing worn parts is a recycling concept by itself! It avoids companies to throw their old parts away and to buy expensive new ones when they could be repaired and re-used.
The fact of throwing those parts away is extremely harmful for the environment because the parts will need to be replaced by new manufactured ones that will waste energies and resources for the production, as well as creating new garbage to be recycled, but also simply because resources will have to be used to recycle the worn parts.

In order to reward the companies having a real engagement for the environment, the "Conservationist Award" has been created by Castolin Eutectic in 1973 and still remains an important trophy as we can see on the pictures above. Castolin Eutectic is also a member of the International Solid Waste Association, in which our expertise and technical resources are demanded as we work towards solving a new generation of waste disposal problems.

Providing our customers with solutions to repair all components and parts is our aim, and of course it involves deep research by experts who are constantly developing new processes and technologies in order to bring solutions to repair all types of metal under all conditions. This is our engagement, focusing our energy to support companies so that they are able to repair all their worn parts, but what about you, do you think about recycling your parts or components before purchasing new ones?

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