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Did you know Castolin Eutectic launched an e-commerce site


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December 6, 2011

Castolin Eutectic - an educational resource for students


As experts in welding, brazing and coating technologies, we are also committed to training the young generation of welders, engineers and researchers. A TF1 report shows the Castolin Eutectic red manual which became the reference for a 21-year-old boiler manufacturing student. In spite of the financial difficulties, the Bourgogne student decided to pursue a technical career and chose the Castolin red guide as an educational resource.
In addition, we offer a wide range of courses starting from one-day welding courses to full week maintenance seminars. From welders to engineers, researchers to managing directors - there´s no limit to the range of technical and professional people trained by Castolin Eutectic in all aspects of industrial cost-savings, wear, repair and preventive maintenance. Not only your business can become STRONGER with Castolin Eutectic, but also your career chances!


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