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May 21, 2012

Our HVOF equipment takes coating to another level in Scandinavia


KMAB (Karlstad Metallisering AB) in Sweden was the first company in Europe to purchase our CJK5 HVOF equipment.

KMAB is a company with tradition that has been working with thermal spraying since 1958. Besides thermal spraying, KMAB are also working with machining, balancing and teflon coatings. Today the company is using plasma, flame, arc spraying and HVOF in their daily work. The parts that are sprayed are mainly components for the pulp and paper industry, steel and mining industries.

Large-scale applications

One large application is rollers for the pulp and paper industries. KMAB can spray rollers with the maximum dimension of Ø = 1 800 mm L = 9 500 mm. HVOF spraying of carrier rollers with WC is another typical large-scale application. After thermal spraying, the rollers are powder coated with teflon and afterwards cured in an oven. This coating system gives the roller high wear resistance with very low friction. The oven can manage parts up to 11.5 m long and a 1.5 m diameter.

Stefan Rudsberg, KMAB owner and Managing Director, is very pleased with the purchase of the Castolin Eutectic CJK5 equipment. 

"The CJK5 HVOF system has opened many new doors to special high quality demand coatings."

Stefan Rudsberg, KMAB owner

Their choice of the Castolin HVOF equipment relied on the fact that the system is advanced but still very user friendly and reliable.  Castolin’s fast delivery times and high service level was a further reason to invest in the CJK5 equipment.

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