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July 10, 2013

Wear Sliding Strips for moving parts


Our Wear Sliding Strips for metal to metal transport rails offer highly cost effective wear protection.

  • Increase lifetime of both stationary rails and sliding chains
  • Reduce operations costs by keeping good sliding properties.
  • Reduce maintenance costs and increase equipment availability.

Drag chain conveyors are ideal to carry material such as for instance wood, coal, lime or waste when a change in elevation is required and throughout very long distances. Unfortunately, the abrasive nature of the transported material negatively affects the equipment service life by:

  • wearing-out the conveyor surface
  • increasing the forces required to pull the chain.

Most of the time, high wear appears on the chain path. As a result, the surface is not smooth anymore, forces increase, chain is damaged and parts must regularly be replaced to avoid equipment failure.

WSS protect chain paths against severe abrasion and friction. WSS are a composite material made with mild steel and a specific high wear resistant alloy with low friction coefficient. Furthermore, in order to ensure good sliding properties and  reduce the chain conveyor energy consumption, the strip surface is polished. As a result, our strips are at least least 4 times more resistant than a traditional hardened steel; the surface remains smoother for a longer period of time which eventually also reduces the chain damage.

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