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March 9, 2012

New Coating with Integrated Cutting Effect: Cracker


Cracker is a highly abrasion resistant coating that has been specifically developed for improving hammer service life. This coating is applied on equipment hammers that process large volumes of materials and where abrasion and mild impacts cause a large amount of wear that eventually reduces machine performance and availability. The wear resistance of Cracker comes from the large carbides (up to 1.6mm) that are strongly bound into a tough tool steel matrix. This particular blend not only confers abrasion and impact resistant properties, it also provides a rough surface feature that is extremely useful in applications where materials must be shred.

Ideal for:


Integrated Cutting Effect

As in abrasive discs where small hard particles, held by an elastic material, are used to grind surfaces, Cracker carbides act like knives in shredding applications. Their sharp edge initiates chipping off the material that has to be reduced. This Integrated Cutting Effect extends hammer performance for a much longer period than traditional wearfacing materials.

  • Extending hammers performance
  • Protecting hard metal inserts against abrasion
  • Maintaining tool edge and geometry
  • Achieving the best cost / performance ratio

  • * Cracker is provided exclusively as a Castolin Services

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