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July 15, 2014

New Castolin Workshop in Russia: 1.500 square meters production and repair space


Six years have passed since Castolin Eutectic opened its Russian Castolin Workshop, located in a Moscow suburb, 50 km from the main office. With operations steadily growing, the available production space of 750 m2 had lately become insufficient and it was decided to seek for a new location closer to the capital with potential for further expansion.

Therefore, in May 2014, the Russian maintenance and repair workshop opened its new premises in Korolev (north of Moscow) and now has an overall production space of roughly 1.500 m2 with large offices, a conference room and additional space for a future training center. The workshop is serviced by two cranes with a tonnage of 3.2t and 5t respectively. With the main machinery, such as cutting machines, CDP® wearplate and rolling machines successfully installed, the nine engineers and welders have successfully resumed production.

One recent repair project conducted by the Moscow Services Workshop included welding of a large crack in the casing of a 38-ton-extrusion press. The crack was 660 mm long and 230 mm deep. One hundred kilos of metal have been welded during 11 days of non-stop operation by four welders.
In the last years, Castolin Russia has equally reinforced its on-site intervention activities. Various Vertical Roller Mill (VRM) refurbishment operations have been performed at the beginning of 2014. In February, a Loesche LM56.4 and a TRMC1 23.3 coal mill have been repaired in 11 days. In April, a Pfeiffer VRM has been refurbished in Kazakhstan.


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