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April 18, 2013

High abrasion resistant Wear Strips for equipment protection


Today, highly demanding industries such as mining are constantly under market pressure. In order to remain competitive, plant managers are requested to guarantee high production tonnage while keeping operation and maintenance costs as low as possible. If critical parts are not resistant enough, their shape will be altered and performance will drop.

WS are a composite material made with mild steel and coated with a thick wear resistant alloy specifically designed to sustain high abrasion. Experience shows that compared to hardened plates, WS resist wear several times better. This allows customers not only to reduce cost and maintenance time but also to decrease the weight of their buckets by using our lighter solution. This finally improves overall production efficiency. WS are today commonly used to protect earth moving machines buckets, shovels and dump truck boxes. They can easily be bent in order to fit the part profile and welded on the area in contact with the soil.


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